Radio Mortgage Advertisements

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So what kind of disclosures do you need for Mortgage Radio Ads?

If you are state licensed, you have to read out your NMLS number during the commercial. Most companies read this off at the end of the commercial. But what other disclosures must you read at the end of the commercial if you are a state licensed mortgage lender or broker?

Here’s a sample radio disclosure you can review on You Tube: Sample Mortgage Radio Ad – You Tube

Here’s the text of a fictional mortgage lender’s disclosure for a recent radio ad:

 So and So mortgage company. Visit us at  NMLS ID# 71655.  Equal Housing Lender, call for additional cost information. Other restrictions may apply.

This meets the NMLS disclosure requirement and saying that you are an equal housing lender is good practice especially if you offer government loans like FHA and VA, etc.  The remaining language is good practice as well.

But what if you want to play your radio ad in multiple states or on a satellite radio station? Are you required to make other state licensing disclosures?

The answer is a strong maybe and depends on what states in which the ad will be heard and the state licensing disclosures requirements.  Some states specifically say that you only have to read a specific state required licensing disclosure if the ad is “primarily disseminated in your state. This means that the disclosure arguably would not be required on a satellite radio ad as that is a national broadcast available anywhere you can pick up the Satellite radio signal and your ad is not purposely directed at any given state.

Nonetheless, be careful at radio ads that will be placed in markets that are near state borders – Philadelphia, PA ads would be heard in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, etc.  If you are not licensed in both states you may need to say that the offer is not available in a certain state or only available in a list of states. Also, if these states have additional licensing disclosure requirements then you will need to read that info in addition to your Equal Housing Lender disclosure.

Did you know there are different rules under the federal Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z for advertising mortgage loans on the radio versus advertising on a mailer or postcard?  You can learn those rules when you take a closer review and study of regulation Z or when you take our How to Become a Mortgage Advertising Compliance Officer course.