Self Study Course – Learn How to Advertise Loans

Who we are:  Is our team qualified to teach you mortgage advertising concepts? Can we teach you how to become a Mortgage Advertisement Compliance Officer? Well, the answer is yes. Our team has extensive experience in reviewing mortgage advertisements and advising clients about mortgage compliance issues including use of Compliance Management Systems, State and Federal compliance matters, and running the Legal and Compliance departments of major mortgage banking entities..

Our Team is headed up by Ken Block, who is a recognized mortgage banking attorney who has worked as in-house counsel for mortgage banking firms since 1997. Ken is a licensed California attorney who has been practicing law since 1993.  In 2016 Ken completely revised and updated his How to Advertised Mortgage Loans Guide which is available for purchase in a downloadable PDF format from this website.

The “How to Advertise Loans” Course Covers Most Every Rule You Need to Know About When Advertising Loans.:

What Your How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Modules Teaches You:

  • Module 1 – How to Serve as Your Company’s Mortgage Advertising Compliance Officer
  • Module 2 – Regulation Z Triggers – Following the Truth in Lending Act Rules
  • Module 3 – Advertising Decisions You Will Need to Make
  • Module 4 – Avoiding UDAAP in Ads Plus Federal Trade Commission Act Rules
  • Module 5 – State Law Rules and Substantiation
  • Module 6 – Advertising on the Internet and via Social Media

How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Contents:

These detailed Modules will cover the basic steps involved in getting things set up and running. Don’t worry those of you who have some experience with reviewing marketing materials and familiarity with some of the rules you need to follow. This Guide will provide you with invaluable disclosure checklists, sample language to include in your advertisements, and sample mortgage product disclosures that will help you with your review process

Test Your Knowledge Real Life Advertisements to Learn From:

Make sure that you take the time to try the Test Your Knowledge Advertising Examples sections of the Guide. Email your answers and questions to

Who is this “How to Advertise Mortgage Loans” Guide meant for? Business entrepreneurs, new and experienced mortgage company owners, mortgage brokers, compliance officers, experienced mortgage players who want to brush up on advertising rules – virtually anyone with a need for in-depth knowledge and access to a system to learn and refer back to the relevant rules when writing or reviewing new loan advertisements.

Order the How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Guide today: