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Sample Debt Settlement Advertisement 1

I received my first debt settlement Advertisementi snap pack in the mail the other day. I have not seen one of these before.

Felt there was some trickery to the piece since the front of the envelope said Credit Card Settlement so I thought this might be a settlement check or some kind of notice related to a class action against my credit card company.

I was also puzzled that the ad had no notice regarding their licensing in California but maybe that is not required to be posted on the ad?

Take a look:


Beware of UDAP and UDAAP in Your Mortgage Ads

There’s been a lot of enforcement on UDAAP lately in mortgage ads so what do we need to watch out for?

Some tips to be aware of:

  • When reviewing your ads, make sure the that the advertisement materials are accurate and easy to read.
  • Don’t use terms like “pre-approved” or “guaranteed” if in fact the recipient has not been preapproved or is not guaranteed to receive a loan from you.
  • Make sure your train your employees about UDAAP avoidance
  • Use scripts or call guides in your sales process to protect against UDAAP processes
  • Be careful about using small print or footnote disclosures to clarify what you mean in your advertised offer.
  • Avoid anything confusing or unclear in your headlines and your marketing message in your advertisements

See our UDAAP Article for More of these rules