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New Format at Posts and Pages

At our goal is to provide you with a resource to look up tips and best practices examples of how to do certain types of advertisements for mortgages and other loan products.  To create uniformity among the information, tips, and sample disclosures that we provide you at our website we will be implementing a new format to present our content to you in an easy to understanding process.

The new AYL format will generaly follow the below outline and presentation. Some variation will occur where we want to proide more specialized information or tips related to specific advertising topics of interest. The format of our posts and pages will be as shown below:

Advertising Topic

  • Type of Advertisement:
  • Applicable Regulations
  • Disclosure Sample :
  • Practice Tip:
  • Tips and Traps:


Stay Tuned for new posts and advertising disclosure samples in this format.


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How to Write a Mortgage Advertisement

How to Write a Mortgage Advertisement

How to Write a Mortgage Advertisement (that won’t get you into trouble)

You’ve been using Google, Bing or Yahoo to figure out one of the following:

  • What disclosures and disclaimers do I need on my mortgage ad?
  • Can I see some sample mortgage ads?
  • Do all the rules apply when my advertisement is a banner ad on a webpage?
  • Do I need a license to advertise mortgage loans?
  • What are the Truth in Lending Act and Regulation Z Rules that I need to comply with in my ad?
  • Marketing ideas for my mortgage loan business?
  • What online tools can I use to create better mortgage advertisements?
  • How can I advertise mortgage loans and not be sued for some wrong statement I make in my ads?

If you’re frustrated and ready to get ALL these answers and more, you’ve come to the right place! is the ultimate resource for all things related to the mortgage loan industry.

Our Team is headed up by a licensed California attorney Ken Block. Ken has reviewed and  edited thousands of mortgage ads for mortgage lenders and brokers since 1997.

When Ken reviews proposed ads,  he  follows a set of rules and checklists and he uses a lot of common sense in making decisions to approve ads or to require certain revisions to the ad before it can be approved for publication

A few years ago, Ken started to put these checklists and rules into written notes here and there. Overtime, we have compiled all of Ken’s notes and summarized the rules you need to follow in this easy to read Guide.

Ken has seen it all and knows the best ways to handle the compliance rules that apply to mortgage advertisements as well as providing ideas for what’s working out there in today’s market.  Companies today are being fined millions for not following the steps and strategies that Ken describes in this easy to read How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Guide.

Spend as much time as you like reading our previous Posts. We’ve thoroughly discussed every aspect of the business including ads on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, use of banner advertisements, direct mail advertisements, online loan inquiry forms, electronic disclosures at websites, licensing, analysis of state-by-state advertising rules, The CFPB, mobile friendly websites, lead generation, lead buying, lead selling, EVERYTHING!

Finally, when you’re ready to be the compliance guru that reviews and approves new advertisements for your employer, client, or for your own Mortgage Company, get your copy of the  “How to Advertise Mortgage Loans ”  Guide. There is nothing like it anywhere. We have zero competition!

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How to Advertise Mortgage Loans:

What Your How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Modules Teaches You:

  • Module 1 – How to Serve as Your Company’s Mortgage Advertising Compliance Officer
  • Module 2 – Regulation Z Triggers – Following the Truth in Lending Act Rules
  • Module 3 – Advertising Decisions You Will Need to Make
  • Module 4 – Avoiding UDAAP in Ads Plus Federal Trade Commission Act Rules
  • Module 5 – State Law Rules and Substantiation
  • Module 6 – Advertising on the Internet and via Social Media

How to Advertise Mortgage Loans Contents:

These detailed Modules will cover the basic steps involved in getting things set up and running. Don’t worry those of you who have some experience with reviewing marketing materials and familiarity with some of the rules you need to follow. This Guide will provide you with invaluable disclosure checklists, sample language to include in your advertisements, and sample mortgage product disclosures that will help you with your review process

Test Your Knowledge Real Life Advertisements to Learn From:

Make sure that you take the time to try the Test Your Knowledge Advertising Examples sections of the Guide. Email your answers and questions to

Email Contact Required: Continue to email us with your questions. We will get you on the right track by answering your questions or at least pointing you in the right direction to learning the rules and the process to serve as your Company’s mortgage advertising compliance officer or to just review each of your ads as the owner of your mortgage company.

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Who is this “How to Advertise Mortgage Loans” Guide meant for? Business entrepreneurs, new and experienced mortgage company owners, mortgage brokers, compliance officers, experienced mortgage players who want to brush up on advertising rules – virtually anyone with a need for in-depth knowledge and access to a system to learn and refer back to the relevant rules when writing or reviewing new loan advertisements.


Click the Order Now button above to obtain instant downloaded copy of How to Advertise Mortgage Loans in an easy to read PDF format.

Google restricts advertising of loans – new restrictions apply

So you have to state your interest rate of the product you are advertising in Google Adwords. Not a huge deal for mortgage sing rates advertised will be below the 36 per cent cut off that Google is now setting. 

“To enforce the policy, those seeking to market financial products through Google’s sprawling advertising network will be required to disclose the length of the loan and the annual interest rate before they will be allowed to place ads. In addition to the broad payday loan ad ban, Google will not display ads from lenders who charge annual interest rates of 36 percent or more in the United States. The same standards will apply to sites that serve as middlemen who connect distressed borrowers to those lenders.”
Here’s a quote from payday loans expert payday industry blog on this topic:

Are there good jobs out there for Advertising Compliance Workers?

Some people, ask me this question? Why would I want to learn more about knowing the rules that apply to mortgage advertisements? Are there real jobs out there that are looking for people who have learned how to do this type of work?

The answer is yes.  We came across just this sort of advertising compliance job earlier this week. Here’s the posting for the “Advertising Compliance Specialist ” job:Beginner's Guide to Mortgage Advertising Compliance 2

[Blank Mortgage Company, (we changed the name to protect the company), a full-service National Mortgage Lender founded in 2003, has an excellent opportunity for an experienced professional who demonstrates diligence and collaboration to fill the role of Advertising Compliance Specialist. With the ever-changing mortgage industry, [Blank Mortgage Company] is looking to add a detail oriented and analytical Advertising Compliance Specialist to complement our strong compliance team. We are growing at an exponential rate and are looking for an experienced team player to help build and evolve our business to the next level.

[Blank Mortgage Company] is a privately held mortgage lender / servicer and …  We have cultivated a positive and energetic team environment where there is ample opportunity to learn, develop, and grow within the company and further your career aspirations.

Job Summary: 

We’re looking for an organized, articulate advertising, marketing, or compliance professional to assist the Compliance Department and the Marketing Team with ongoing review and approval of marketing communications and materials. This position will act as an informational resource and facilitator of assets through the Creative Approval Process.


  • Review and approve all marketing materials, including advertisements, sales literature, websites, business cards, correspondence, etc.
  • Collaborate with Legal, Compliance, and Marketing as it relates to communications.
  • Draft and update disclosures for marketing materials.
  • Research to ensure materials are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Assist in answering compliance-related inquiries.

The Ideal Candidate: 

  • 1+ year compliance or marketing/advertising experience required.
  • Basic knowledge of the financial services industry, including regulations related to loan marketing and advertising preferred.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or similar.
  • Strong organizational and research skills.
  • Outstanding attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of marketing principles and strategies.
  • Ability to work independently and excel in a high intensity environment.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and effectively complete a variety projects in a timely manner.
  • Exceptional interpersonal, verbal, and written communication abilities, including the ability to communicate effectively and professionally with all levels and areas of the organization.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

With this position, [Blank Mortgage Company] offers a full-time schedule coupled with a competitive salary and benefits package, making this a highly sought-after position.
[Blank Mortgage Company]


Did you see that last line, this is a “highly sought-after position”. Need more training to get ready for this type of job? Consider our Beginner’s Course or our more detailed Five Week Training Course.